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The world’s  biggest online videos network YouTube presenting another big meetup of great YouTube Partners who have educational and instructional content. This is the good opportunity to learn the basics of YouTube partner (publisher) program from world’s most expertise professionals. Previous YouTube workshop was held in June 2012 which was focused on online content creator. If you’re interested in YouTube (Video Blogging) then you shouldn’t miss this chance to join this meet up in India’s four Industrial (IT) cities roadshows-
Delhi (29 January, 2013)
Mumbai (14 February, 2013)
Hyderabad (29 February, 2013)
Bangalore (28 February, 2013)
So schedule your program accordingly your nearby location and book a seat today.YouTube Partners Workshop Meet 2013
This session will focused only on the partners with instructional and educational content. YouTube is not a complex network to learn but when we should meet with professionals and face their live speeches to learn new things of our interest. In this meetup (session), you’ll learn a no. of big YouTube secrets including following-
1. How to use spreadsheets,
2. How to upgrade to Latest Android version to prepare for entrance exams, English speaking to MBA Counseling. 
The main motive of this session is to teach the success mantras to YouTube partners (gurus) to be a successful YTube partner.
This is a free and open event for every YTube partner with educational/instructional niche and will be hosted in corresponding Google offices in India, so seats are very limited. Select your city to attend the event and register today using the below registration form!

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  1. This is Interesting. Seems like Google is taking Interest in India for Organizing events. I just attended Google Day in September at Mumbai

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