Yahoo New Home Page Redesign Similar to Google Home

It will be much surprising when Yahoo will give a change in its home page design completely and turns into a single search box which is much similar to Google’s Home Page Design. TechCrunch revealed the secret copy of Yahoo’s new home page design.Yahoo Logo
Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer also shared many secret and surprising things with the employees, she was Google employee for years and oversaw its clean, white and plain search box which is much fast for searching and famous too. According to AllThingsD, Mayer already removed many ads from the Yahoo home page and if this clean white ad-free search design will set as final Yahoo’s home then it will be a risk in revenue as it generates a good ad revenue for the company.
Look at below screenshot shared by TechCrunch (click on the image to view in full size)Yahoo New Home Page Design Inspired by Google
Image Credit-TechCrunch
You can see the Top navigation  including Search, Mobile, Social, Email, Culture, International etc under the blank strip while ‘You!’ is set when we logged In as seen in Google.  Further, the search box and label on button are also same as Google (Yahoo Search and I’m Felling Lucky). Let see when and how Yahoo will take a big change in its home page design inspired by Google.
Your comments are always welcome, Do you Like Yahoo’s new home Design or Is there need to bring this change?

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