World’s Top College Dropout Billionaires Inspirational Look – Infographics

After completing the Schooling Education, every student want to continue his/her education to higher professional level to get a good job or position in a multinational company or some are willing to get Government Job. But It’s not enough, if you’re passionate about Technology, Having a Brilliant Idea to change the world, Ready to do hard work and do up your dreams then nobody can stop you, finally you’ll get your dream in real.Yes, It is absolutely true and there are many such personalities who dropped his College Education and Joined to get the goal e.g. Facebook’s CEO – Mark Zukerberg, Microsoft’s Chairman – Bill Gates, Apple’s CEO – Late Steve Jobs and many more. We’re talking about College Dropout Billionaires – Famous Tech personalities Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates all are College Dropouts.Billionaire
All these personalities believed in their Idea and College education was just a waste of time so they leave their colleges and followed the dreams and today All we know who they are?
There is no miracle behind their successes, It was just a Brilliant Idea and Hard Work. We can also make our dreams true but the most important thing is ‘The Unique Idea’. So if we’ve passion to touch the sky, thinking beyond the stars then the current education doesn’t matter.
Check out the below Infographics to know more about such Big personalities who leave their colleges and followed their dreams and today all they’re Billionaires, It’s just a Inspirational Infographics prepared by Southern New Hampshire University ( Top Tech Billionaire College Dropouts InfographicsInfographics Source-
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