WordPress Antivirus Plugin – Scan Theme Files To Improve WordPress Security

Few days back, I post about a WordPress plugin ‘Theme Check’ which is very useful to test and review whole wordpress theme in a single click without the knowledge of coding. Now, I am going to tell you about another security plugin from wordpress blogs to improve security and keep theme files safe from malicious injections.
Theme Check - Free WordPress Plugin
‘Antivirus’ is one of the best wordpress security plugin which automatically scans theme’s files to check whether they’re safe from exploits, malicious and spam injections.Antivirus Plugin for WordPress Blog Key Features of ‘Antivirus’ WordPress Security Plugin-
1. Easy to install and easy to scan without the knowledge of coding in a single click,
2. Increase blog security by automatic daily scanning and notify by Email,
3. Virus alert in admin bar (if any files containing any malicious code),
4. It checks the complete template files and database table for any suspicious code or activity,
5. Compatible upto latest version of WordPress (from WP 2.8 to 3.5 version)
6.  Multi-language Support.
Finally, I installed this plugin and continuously using it under blog security plugin alternative to give an additional security measures. If we don’t want to scan automatically scanning on daily basis, then we can set this option manually and can check our template files on weekly or monthly basis.
Download or Install directly within the wordpress Plugin manager (search for ‘Antivirus’, probably it would be first in the list).
After installing and activate this plugin, you can find it under Settings-> Antivirus
Look at below screenshot taken from this blog (Green color indicates ‘All Clear’ while Red indicates ‘Danger’)-Wordpress Antivirus Plugin to increase Blog SecurityI am always try my best to explain with the help of few screenshot, so your comments are welcome if you think there is need to improve more, Suggestions please-

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