What is Tumblr Blog? why we love and prefer it?

Why we prefer Tumblr Blogging? What’s new in Tumblr?

The answer of this question is very simple. Tumblr is just like any other blogging tools and it has a lot of custom features that makes it different and special from others. The beautiful pre-design themes, handy tools for blog posting, Image Management, Search Engine Optimization for your blog, Custom domain hosting and many other special and unique features makes Tumblr a great and effective tool for Blogging lovers.


Here we provide a complete list offered by Tumblr to make it effective and easier for you –
1. Gorgeous and Beautiful Hundreds of Themes Collection –
Tumblr Blog offers a variety of beautiful blog themes. There are two types of themes – Free (Featured) and Premium themes. If you are going to start a tumblr blog then you should use Featured blog theme available here.  You can guess which theme is mostly used by others by checking their number of how many people are using that theme indicates just below the theme thumbnail. After your Tumblr blog get much popularity then you can go for Premium Tumblr blog Themes here around 9$ to 49$. You can also submit your custom theme designed by you here, after getting approval your theme will show in their showcase.
2. Create custom original Theme of your own –
If you have some basic designing and custom development knowledge then its very easy to create your own custom Html theme. Tumblr provides well documentation to show all the necessary custom tags and markups to make this process very easy. Here is the Tumblr blog documentation page.
3. Mobile Compatibility – 
The Tumblr blog is mobile compatible featuring iphone publishing app (absolutely free). Even you can publish your post to Tumblr blog by Email from your mobile or iphone.
4. Private posting / Private Blog-
You can set your post as private, share this post with your known contacts, invite friends or family members or you can set your entire blog as private.
5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Features) – 
In the Tumblr blog, there is no worry about SEO. Tumblr blog is much friendly to search engines with great features like XML sitemaps, URL Slugs and many inbuilt SEO features.
6. Analytics – 
The blog analysis is very essential part for SEO and up-down in the blog. The Tumblr blog provides an easy way to add any custom analytic code to your Tumblr blog such as Google Analytics for the analysis of the daily visitors, pageviews, unique visitors, bounce rate and many other analytics features.
7. Social Engagement – 
The most important factor for Blog promotion is Social Engagement of blog. The top social networking sites Facebook and Twitter is the best way to promote a new blog. Tumblr blog provides direct integration of Facebook and Twitter, when you publish your post then the post excerpts automatically publish on Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you post on your blog, the Tumblr system automatically tweets on your Twitter account to keep the followers up to date.
8. RSS Feed Analytics Full Support – 
Tumblr blog provides direct full support to most popular feed service, FeedBurner. You can integrate blog RSS feed to Feedburner directly to keep updated your blog visitors by email, also it will help in SEO to submit this RSS feed directly to other search engines.

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