Watch Live Facebook 2013 Event Online – Facebook’s Search Engine?

Watch Facebook 2013 Event Live Online- Today Facebook (Mark Zukerberg) is going to reveal some secrets or big things for which they’re organizing a Media Event which will Stream Live Online. There is no any official media platform to stream Facebook Media Event online but here we’re providing a direct streaming link where we can watch it live online which will starts within few minutes (10 AM PST). There are many rumors regarding big secrets revealing by FB Team today, while one of the major rumored news is that Facebook’s new search engine.
All the technology giants, enthusiasts and technology analysts keep their eyes to that big secret and tuned every moment of this event.Facebook 2013 Media Event Live Online

Facebook is a biggest social networking website of the world having millions of active users and communities across the world. While if it will integrate search engine then why FB users would navigate to Google to search any queries? At the same time, if it launch a search engine then it will be more dangerous for Google (Search Engine).
Right now there is no official confirmation about the new product or service launching by Facebook and we’ve to watch the Media Event 2013 using the official live streaming channel from the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto.

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