VLC Beta (NEON Version) Media Player for Android – Free Download

VLC Media player is one of the most popular multimedia player running almost all the versions of Windows or Linux. Now, VLC Beta (Neon Version) is released and available to free download from Google Play Store, it may be good news for android users who loves to play music. VLC is the free and open source cross platform media player which can play almost all multimedia files as well as discs & devices, networked protocols.

VLC Player on Android
VLC Player on Android


It is the Beta version which is comparatively slower than the final version. This Beta version having some security issues and need to improve the overall performance and one can download it at own risk before the release of its final stable version. VLC (Android) developers also warn the users that this version is best suitable for Power users or hackers. Anyway, You can download it just for try to use it’s all features & then wait for final stable release.
Have a look at some Screenshot of VLC Beta Media Player on Android devices playing audio & video media files-Free Download VLC Beta Player for Android - Audio playFree Download VLC Beta Player for Android - vedio playFree Download VLC Beta Player for Android - Vedio PlayerFree Download VLC Beta Player for Android -Video & Audio List (Image credit- Google Play Store)

Download VLC Beta from Google Play Store-

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