Twitter or LinkedIn – Which one is more socialize in Australia

When we talk about the country Australia, world’s two popular social networking business sites – Twitter and LinkedIn have seen rise and fall. University of Technology Sydney Australia, Google Adplanner and LinkedIn issues some Info-Graphics about the rise and fall in these two big social networking sites among Australia users.  The following stats are correct as per February 2012.twitter-linkedin-comparison-in-australia
Here we are providing an Infographics made by – A Leading Australia’s social media news website. This infographics shows the basic up and downs in Twitter and LinkedIn Social Networks particularly in Australia. site prepared a infographics to show key stats and basic comparison between these two social sites. The comparison includes Page Views Per Month, Total Visits Per Month, Average Time On Site and Unique Visitors Per Month. This comparison is enough to say which one is more socialize and popular in Australia.
Check out the following stats comparison between Two Most Popular Social Network Twitter and LinkedIn (Highly focus on Business Purpose) prepared by –
Image Credit – SocialMediaNews

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