‘Theme-Check’ WordPress Plugin To Review & Test WordPress Theme

‘Theme-Check’ is an easy and simple free wordpress plugin to test the whole wordpress theme for latest or outdated features, theme standards & practices. There are various theme review standards such as Code quality, theme error handlers, template css standards, Doctype declaration, name-spacing etc., basic guidelines of an standard template, wordpress functions & tags etc.Theme Check - Free WordPress Plugin
‘Theme-Check’ runs an automated test within the admin panel and the final results will be displayed in a very handy manner at once, which is very useful tool for wordpress theme developers and other guys who just want to keep their blog up-to-date and within the wordpress standards and specifications as wordpress.org used for theme submissions.
If you’ve very little knowledge about wordpress coding, loop holes, security measures etc. then you should use this plugin once to test your running self-hosted blog.
The very most important point before installing this plugin, is to check whether it is compatible with our running version of wordpress. So don’t worry, it is much compatible upto the recent released latest version 3.4.1 and requires 3.0 or higher.
How To Download the plugin-
Go To Plugins->Add New-> Search ‘Theme-Check’->Select first result->Install & Activate the plugin
How To Use It-
This plugin is very handy and easy testing tool. You have to do nothing more than a single click.
Go To Appearance-> Theme Check-> Select Your Current Theme-> Click on Check It
Check the below screenshot of my blog-
Theme-Check WordPress Plugin Screenshot You will see all the results containing warnings, theme info and recommendations at once, you can use such info to keep the blog safe, clean and perfect for blogging.
Happy Blogging!

6 thoughts on “‘Theme-Check’ WordPress Plugin To Review & Test WordPress Theme”

    1. Thanks Nishant to come here and read review. This is very useful plugin, we should use it at least once just after finishing the installation of WP.

  1. Wow seems like a wonderful plugin Yogendra. Will surly install and check for my theme in the blog. I never heard about such theme check plugin before and I must say that you have explained it very clearly with the correct screenshot.

  2. Thanks for informing about this plugin, I was searching for this type of plugin from a long time. Checking the theme before using is necessary and this plugin have made the work very easy.

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