SpeakAsia (Online Survey Firm) returns money to the investors – 2.2% 50 Crore only

People always searched an easy way to earn money online very quickly and think that it is the best way to become rich in few days. SpeakAsia (Speakasiaonline.com) had taken the benefit of such poor thinking and started an online survey company where a number of students, employers, housewife and other middle class people had invested their money of around Rs. 11,000 each and within few months more than 13 lakhs people already joined this online survey scheme and the company made a big amount of money. Later company
The most controversy matter of last year 2011, SpeakAsia – An online investment firm, had duped crore of Rupees from lakhs of people about 24 Lakh investors of India. Reports said, SpeakAsia had deposited 10 million dollars in State Bank Of India, Singapore last week. Online survey company had told the Supreme Court of India that it will return only Rs. 50 Crore to those investors who were part of the online survey scheme. Its not the matter that the company is not ready to return money to other investors, just read what the SpeakAsia stated – “it would return money to others too but the police who are probing the case are not ready to believe them”
A Police officer asked to company – “If they are interested in returning the money, it’s a good move. However, why only Rs 50 crore? They should return all the Rs 2,276 crore which is on our records. Why do they want to pay only a few hundred people, while there are over 24 lakh investors across the country?”
An observer said- “If they are concerned about the panelists, they should deposit more money. Why only Rs 50 crore? If you distribute Rs 50 crore among 24 lakh investors, how much will each investor get, Rs 208.33?”
The Police began a probe on SpeakAsia Scam in 2011 and then after nabbed 10 suspicious people involving in this matter. The rented office of SpeakAsia was running in Andheri (Mumbai) has been shut down and the police had seized two hard disks from office.
Be aware of about these fraud companies and their attractive schemes to make money online by doing online surveys, fill your personal information to get award, Prize money emails and other such schemes.

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