How To Secure Web Browsing Using WOT (Web Of Trust) Browser Addon

There are a number of unsafe or low quality websites present on the web so we should aware about them because these websites may cause many big damages to our local files, documents or even the operating system files and softwares. These low quality websites contains internet viruses and worms especially developed to damage the computers which are weak in Security or unprotected from Antivirus. So if we know that a particular site is unsafe to surf before opening it then we can protect our computers from any harmful affect cause by such poor sites.Computer Protection and Security
During online shopping, this is very important to know about the trust factor of any online retailer before making any payment to them to avoid phishing/fake websites (same to same website with very little change in their identity).Web of trust WOT Free Browser Extension AddonWOT (Web of Trust) is the fast, free and easy to use browser extension/addon which indicates about how much a site is secure/safe to browse? WOT maintains a database of Known safe sites as well as malicious sites reported by the WOT Global community. If you’re going to visit a known malicious site then it warns you in advance. This is the free browser tool available for all major web browsers and very simple and easy to install.

Download and Installation of WOT Extension Addon for different web browsers-

For Google Chrome – Download WOT Browser Extension
For Mozilla Firefox – Download WOT Browser Addon
For Safari – Download WOT Browser Extension
For Opera – Download WOT Browser Addon

For Internet Explorer and all other browsers, please refer the official website of WOT (Web Of Trust).

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