R.I.P – Yahoo Shutting Down y.ahoo.it URL Shortener Service

Yahoo officially confirmed the news of shutting down the url shortener service y.ahoo.it on 20 November, 2013. This is the very little used url shortening service by Yahoo which is now ended up according to the announcement made at the official blog post by the company.Yahoo URL Shortening Service Shutting Down

They wrote in the post-

The y.ahoo.it URL shortener powered by YQL will be shutdown on November 20th 2013 – a URL shortening service is not one of Yahoo!’s core competencies supporting our users’ Daily Habits.

Nowadays, much famous shortening services like bit.ly, goo.gl by Google, t.co by Twitter are using widely by the big publishing networks to the small webmasters. So finally, Yahoo took this end-of-life decision for their URL Shortening Servicey.ahoo.it.
If you’re using this service, then the company wrote something for you.

Any short links you have already created will continue to redirect to the correct locations. We will provide at least three months notice before making any further changes to the service.

Open your mind, and comment below about what do you think about this news. I’m using Google shortening service goo.gl – Do you?

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