Opera Web Browser Latest Version Released – Download Opera 12 Beta for Windows

Opera has now released the new latest version of Opera Browser (Opera 12.00) on 13 June, 2012 (Wednesday). Opera 12 browser is rich with new features like controlling computer’s hardware within the browser without using any external plugin, new themes, security features and speed (obvious). Opera brought its latest version release Opera 12 with awesome features which will create a tough competition in the browser market.
Opera Version 12 Beta Release for Windows
is always known for its speed and always it works for improving browsing speed. As obvious, Speed is the key feature for any browser, Opera’s browsing speed is good enough for giving fast web experience to its users so it will be adding key feature for its latest release Opera 12.
Also Opera 12 brings a awesome feature of Theming, user can change look and feel of the browser using themes in the software.
One more important feature of video capturing within the browser, is now made more easier than earlier. Opera 12 controls the Computer’s hardware to enable video capturing via HTML5 replacing Flash.
Vice President of Opera Desktop products, Jan Standal said –
“We’re helping to evolve into a bigger app ecosystem. We have already added support for geolocation; in this version we’re adding support for HTML on the camera side.”
By the end of March 2012, Opera released Opera Mini 7.0 Mobile Browser for Android. Now its time to download the latest release of Opera (Opera Version 12), if you’re not using Opera Web Browser yet, so you should have a try to test Opera Browser with its latest release. I already download Opera Latest Version 12 to test its new awesome features, now your turn-
Download Opera Latest Release Version Opera 12.00 Beta for Windows
Download Opera Latest Release Version Opera 12.00 Beta for Windows (64 Bit Version)For more Information & Features of Opera 12.00 Beta Version – Visit Opera Official website

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