Microsoft’s Bing Beta Search – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Integration & Instant Snapshot

Microsoft’s search engine Bing is now more deeper socialize and coming in the competition with Google Search. Few years back, Yahoo Search engine already integrates its search functionality with Bing Search. After Google integrates its social network platform Google+ to its search results, Now Microsoft introduces a more deeper social integration into its search engine – Bing. Microsoft’s Bing Search will be socialize with world’s popular social networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Bing Search will show the results recommended by persons linked on social sites with the user’s profile. Bing Search also getting another feature – Instant Snapshot, just like Google provides in their search results.Google-vs-Bing Search

Bing seems in leading position with the integration of Facebook and LinkedIn in the search results while Google is still lacking with the integration of Google + only in their search results.
Qi Lu,president of Microsoft’s Online Services Division, had to say in a statement –

“Increasingly, the Web is about much more than simply finding information by navigating a topically organized graph of links, We’re evolving search in a way that recognizes new user paradigms like the growth of the social graph, and will empower people with the broad knowledge of the Web alongside the help of their friends.”

This is the testing phase of Bing Search Beta, so if you a US resident and want to use this beta version of Bing Search, then just go through this link and register yourself there –
Register for New Bing Beta SearchMicrosft's Bing Search Engine goes social - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Integration
Earlier this year, Google said that it didn’t integrate Facebook and Twitter into their search results. So get ready to use a new experience of search with social integration in Bing Search Engine.

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