Microsoft’s Brand New Logo – Similar to Windows 8 Logo

Software giant Microsoft finally replaced the company old logo with new four-colored square Logo which is much similar to Windows 8 Logo only colors are varied while structure is same. After 25 years, Microsoft brought this change in official company logo, also this is the perfect time to change something as company is bringing more big products like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 & Surface Tablet within few next months.
The brand new company logo got mix reviews by various world’s famous logo designers, some says it is cool & simple with a combination of four colored square followed by com reflects a professional look while some thinks that it is not good enough (ugly colors).
A famous designer, Sagi Haviv stated –
“Because they’re so big they’re in a position to do something great, And this unfortunately is not something great. And it’s because it’s a bit too generic.”
The updated new logo of Microsoft is the combination of colorful graphics (old wavy logo colors turned into four separate small squares making a big square angled 90 degree to each other) followed by the company name in new font ‘Microsoft’ in the right.
Take a brief look to the Microsoft’s official logo
(Click on image to view large)

Software Company Microsoft Brand New Logo Brief Look
Microsoft Brand New Logo Brief Look
Software Giant Microsoft Brand New Logo
Software Giant Microsoft Brand New Logo

Watch the review video posted by Microsoft on YouTube, company unveils a new look-

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