MasterCard’s New Payment Service – ‘PayPass Wallet Service’ for U.S, U.K, Canada & Australia

MasterCard introduces a new global service titled PayPass Wallet Services on Monday May 7, 2012. PayPass is an payment method offered by MasterCard to make the regular purchases faster and easier than everPayPass Wallet Service will makes the shopping experience more easy, friendly and fast than ever. MasterCard Customers using PayPass Wallet Service can make purchases at Stores or Online with a single click or tap.
There are three components of PayPass Wallet Service –
1. PayPass Acceptance Network
2. PayPass Wallet
3. PayPass Online API
PayPass Acceptance Network provides the easiest way to purchase at store or online with just a single click on PayPass button, Customers can made purchases at retailers store by tapping the mobile phone, all the required information including payment and shipping information will be available to the retailer automatically, there is no need to provide it each time you pay.
PayPass Wallet will works just like your pocket Wallet where you can store all the important documents etc. PayPass Wallet also provides a single secure place including Visa, American Express, Discover or any other credit, debit or prepaid cards, to store payment and shipping information.
PayPass API is the developer’s resource to connect their own payment network to PayPass Network. PayPass API provides various services including fraud detection, authentication, MasterCard Checkout etc.MasterCard PayPass Logo

MasterCard’s PayPass Wallet Service will be available in the third quarter of this year 2012. PayPass Wallet Service will be available only for some specific countries including U.S, U.K, Canada and Australia, later for other countries.
Initially, MasterCard will starts ‘PayPass Wallet Services’ for two big partners American Airlines and Barnes & Noble. American Airlines will integrate PayPass Wallet Service to its Mobile payment application while Barnes & Noble will integrate the PayPass Payment Checkout Buttonon its website.How To Apply For MasterCard’s PayPass Card-
Click here to apply for MasterCard PayPass Card Today – Credit, Debit or Business Cards

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