List of Top 5 C Compilers – TC, GCC, Borland C++, MS Visual C++ & Intel C++ Studio

This is very common question asked in Viva-voice or Interviews – Names of Top 5 C Compilers? Sometimes, students knows the name of 5 compilers of C Language but very few know about the Operating System and Microprocessors for which these compilers are designed. Here is the list of Top 5 C Compilers along with the name and version of Operating systems and microprocessors with which they are compatible. Check out the list of top 5 compilers of C Programming Language-

List of Top 5 C Compilers with Operating System & Micro-processor Details

Compiler Name                                    OS                             Microprocessor                            
Turbo C++ 3.0 MS-DOS 8086 (16-bit)
MS Visual C++ Windows
80386 (32-bit)
Borland C++ 4.0 Windows
80386 (32-bit)
GNU gcc compiler LINUX
80386 (32-bit)
Intel C++ studio LINUX/Windows
80386 (32-bit)

Turbo C++, Microsoft C++ and Borland C++ software also contains C compiler bundle along with them. If you are a beginner(or Student) ,then it would be better to start with a simple compiler like Turbo C or Turbo C++. Once you have mastered the language elements then you can switch over to more sophisticated compilers like Visual C++ under Windows or GNU gcc compiler under Linux.
Most of the C & C++ programs on this blog under the section of C and C++ programming language are tested  on Turbo C & Turbo C++ Compilers. These programs may be successfully compiled on other compilers also but we’re not tested them individually.C Programming Language

TURBO C Compiler

  • Turbo C is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and compiler for the C programming language developed by Borland.
  • This IDE is very popular and highly used in all over the world because of its integrated development environment, small size, extremely fast compile speed & comprehensive manuals.
  • This IDE / Compiler is based on MS-DOS operating system.
  • This IDE / Compiler uses 8086 Microprocessor which is compatible with 16-bit configuration.
You can download a fresh copy of Turbo C++ compilers for 32 bit windows & 64 bit windows – Download Here.

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