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Recently, Reports says that the LinkedIn Passwords are hacked. LinkedIn encrypted & hashed passwords are hacked by a Russian user as it is expected to be its a Russian Forum User who claimed that he Hacked LinkedIn, also he gave its proof by uploading 6.5 Million encrypted & hashed passwords online (excluding LinkedIn Usernames).
On Wednesday (6 June 2012), shocking news of LinkedIn Password Hacking reach out around the world. The rumors get confirmed when LinkedIn Team wrote on its official Twitter account that they are looking for such Hacking Reports concerning about Stolen Password –
“Our Team is currently looking into reports of Stolen Passwords. Stay Tuned for More.”LinkedIn Logo
LinkedIn Team Official Accept the Hacking ReportsLinkedIn Passwords are generally secure & encrypted but not provide bullet proof security. LinkedIn Passwords are generally encrypted with SHA-1 cryptographic hash function. An expert hacker can breach such type of security with little efforts using some tricks & small amount of time.
Most of the guys are much worried about their passwords, if you are worried that your LinkedIn Password was one of the 6.5 Million hacked Passwords, then don’t worry and go to the following tool to check whether your password was hacked or not. Hackers posted complete list of Hacked Hashed & encrypted Passwords, using that created a tool to facilitate the checking of Stolen or hacked LinkedIn Passwords with just a single click-
Have a look at following screenshot to be more clear about how to check LinkedIn Password on
Check LinkedIn Hacked-Stolen Password - LastPassLinkedIn Hacked-Stolen Password Checker- LastPass

I will recommend that you should change your LinkedIn Password now whether it was hacked or not, also change other Account’s Passwords like Gmail, Yahoo etc if you are using the same.

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