Image Mismatch – Google’s Image Search Latest Manual Action Penalty (Anti-Hotlinking)

Google introduces another manual action penalty ‘Image Mismatch’ for Google Image Search Page which can be found under Google Webmaster Tools’s Manual Action Page.
If you’re the victim of this penalty then you can check your webmaster tools -> Manual Action Page where you can see a message looks alike shown in the following picture.

Google Image Mismatch Penalty Manual Action
Google Image Mismatch Penalty Manual Action

Google’s ‘Image Mismatch’ Penalty Meaning

Image Mismatch – It is much clear with the name itself, it’s a penalty for images appeared on the sites which do not matches with images appeared in Google image search results.
It means that some of your site’s images may be displaying differently on search results pages than they are when viewed on your site which violates the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

i.e. The behavior of the images found different when compared, this changing behavior may caused by some ‘Anti-Hotlinking’ tools because of which leads to this penalty. Read more.

Request A Review For Reconsideration of Your Site?

Yes, it is possible to request a review for the reconsideration of your site after assuring that your site displaying the exactly same images to the users as appeared in the Google’s search result pages.
Click here for Reconsideration Request
Google is much smart than you, so if you’re looking for a good SERP (Search Engine Optimization) for your site’s images then don’t use anti-hotlinking tools or techniques which may leads to this type Google Penalties or poor search experience for your site.

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