[How To] Report Lost or Stolen MasterCard – List of In-Country Toll-Free & Emergency Contacts

MasterCard offers a variety of Global services for online shopping cards – Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards. We should fully aware about how to report MasterCard support when we lost or stolen our card? If we’re late, then you may be the victim of heavy financial loss or illegal unauthorized purchases through your stolen or lost card. There are various ways to report the Lost or Stolen MasterCard. MasterCard offers separate Toll Free Telephone Numbers for various countries or regional areas. Just call to the Toll Free number, a MasterCard representative will assist you and solve the reported issue.MasterCard logo

MasterCard provides Zero Liability Protection if you report the MasterCard Representative at time before someone make any unauthorized purchases. After loosing or stolen the card, you can get the card immediately by contacting the Financial Institution who issued you the Card immediately. The customer service support number is printed on the back of each each issued card, you can call them anytime on that number.
If you’re an US Citizen, then call on this Toll Free Number – (1.800.627.8372), For other countries or regions, refer the following list of Toll Free Numbers.Here is the complete list of Global service Country Wise Toll Free Telephone Numbers-
List of Country Wise Toll Free Numbers To Report Lost or Stolen MasterCard

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