How to: Report Dead Person Profile or Account to Facebook – Easy Steps

There are many cases when we want to delete or deactivate our account. But what to do, when a Person (either friend or relative) having an Facebook account was dead? A person dead in an big accident (like Plane crash, Train accident), media or newspapers/magazines published their online info such as Twitter or Facebook account links, in that case other people flooded that account’s Facebook wall by RIP / Tribute comments and pics. In this case, it is hard to tackle such issues for social networking sites still someone reports about that. Facebook provides a simple way to tell about the Deceased Person Profile. Just fill out a simple form having Full Name (Same as listed on account), Email addresses (Same as in the profile settings), URL of the deceased person profile (Profile link you’d like to report), Relationship (what’s your relation with the dead person) and finally the dead proof (It may be a death certificate, news published in paper or any other trusty source), tick the Memorialize account and Send to Facebook to tell all about the deceased Person. After the verification by Facebook team, the profile of the deceased person has been automatically removed from Facebook and listed on the Deceased Person List on Facebook or set some privacy on that account.
Follow the given below link to open the report form (Report a Deceased Person’s Profile) –
Here is the screenshot of the Report Form appeared after clicking the above link –
how to report a deceased person profile or account on facebook

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