How To Post Blank Facebook Status/Comment – Facebook Tricks

How To Make Blank Facebook Status or Comments (Learn Facebook Tricks) ?

Sometimes, when we see a blank facebook status or comment then we think how they do so? This is not a magic or a big tricks, it’s just a simple tricky code which turns into a blank message.Facebook Tips and Tricks

You can use this amazing trick to surprise your friend by making a blank status update or blank comments on their photos/status whatever they’re sharing with you or you can post a status on their timelines which seems to be zero character. I know you’re so curious to learn this funny Facebook trick. Let’s see the below screenshot where i do use this tricky code-How To Post Facebook Blank Status or Comments - Facebook Tricks

Learn How To Post Blank Facebook Status/Comments-

Login to your Facebook Account first and be sure where you want to apply this trick (on own timeline, friend’s timeline, friend’s photos or status update) as I used this tricky code on my fan page timeline.
Copy the following code and paste it to where you want to publish it-
@[0:0: ]
(Please don’t edit the above code otherwise it won’t work)
Done. Your Blank Facebook Status or Comments is ready to post and surprise others using this amazing tricks. Share with other friends so that they’ll be able to make more fun on Facebook.

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