How To increase website traffic through Facebook- 10 Tips to Increase Traffic

Facebook is one of the best social platform which can be used to get free traffic to our business or personal website. Currently, Facebook is very common and popular social networking website with over 800 Million People. So it is the best place to get huge referral traffic very easily. Today, Facebook has become a best online marketing place rather than social networking. Everyone using Facebook for online marketing then why we don’t.
Facebook Marketing Tips to get website traffic
Our Facebook profile containing school or college friends, relatives or other business people, so it’s the best place to share the content of our website, even they’re not hit a Like or Comment to your activity but be sure they visit the article once. If our website or blog is good enough in design and containing unique, interesting and useful informative content then definitely you’ll get a Reader for forever.
Here are some useful tips to use Facebook properly to increase website traffic through Facebook
1. Professional Facebook Profile-If you want to engage your friends with your status updates, recent activities etc. then you should make your facebook profile as Professional. Put a decent photograph of yours instead any celebrity picture, write about your working field, interests etc. to look like a professional.
2. Increase Number of Friends/Subscribers-Increase the number of friends, send friend request to other guys of your type (but be sure facebook has some limitations). You can search other people by name, college, city, country or any other keywords who could accept request.
3. Facebook Fan Page-Every website publisher or webmaster must create a Facebook Fan Page for your website or blog, make it professional as much as you can, put the widget to your blog or website to get more n more facebook likes. I think this is mandatory step for online marketing through Facebook.
4. Create a new Facebook Group-You can create a new group on Facebook, after creating it put some attractive niche related timeline cover and invites your friends to join the group, you can also use email to invite more friends to join the group.
5. Keep the Post Title Attractive-The title of the article/post should be attractive. If the title is attractive, automatically people will be eager to open the link.
6. Attach a picture with your Article-If the article or post contains a pictures or thumbnail, then Facebook automatically retrieves it during posting on facebook, obviously it will attract the people to know about that.
7. Advertise on Facebook-Facebook offered a variety of Advertisement in the right side which may increase the website traffic rapidly. You can use Facebook Advertising to increase the targeted & regional audiences from Facebook.
8. Share Video on Facebook-You can promote you product, website or business through Video Marketing, Just make a video containing informative and related things, put your website advertisements within the video and upload it on YouTube, then finally share it with your Facebook friends and others.
9. Engage with Facebook Friends-It’s not enough to create a good looking professional facebook profile, fan page, group etc., it’s also necessary to engage with the friends by posting interesting status updates, Photo uploads etc.
10. Facebook Fake (Girl) Profile-
I never recommend this tip to increase the number of audiences as you’ll loss the trust using this type of activity. I know it seems to be very good idea at starting but you should comes out what you are, especially when you want to start some business or professional website/blog.

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