[Fixed] How To Fix USB Mouse Not Recognized Error In PC/Laptop

This article is about how to fix USB mouse not recognized error in your PC/Laptop. This is very common problem facing when we insert USB mouse into USB Port of computer/laptop. First it shows that drivers are installing but later an error comes ‘USB Device not recognized Error’.

What To Do To Fix USB Mouse Not Recognized Problem?

What to do when such error comes in your PC. Sometimes it shows your device is ready to use but still it does not work. We are talking about wired mouse not wireless.
1. There may be software/driver problem. Uninstall and re-install the USB drivers and check ‘Device Manager’ to ensure all the drivers are properly installed and configured.
2. If all is OK there then you should try to plug your mouse in USB port in the front of the cabinet/case. Sometimes USB ports present at the back of the cabinet are just for demo or not work properly for all type of devices. There are 3-4 ports present in the back side of cabinet and only 1 or 2 are working well, so try to plug your mouse in other USB ports given in your PC/laptop.

How To USB Mouse Not Recognized Error
How To USB Mouse Not Recognized Error

3. In the case of laptop, there are two types of USB ports – USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Some USB mouse/mice comes with USB 2.0 port or few with USB 3.0.
4. Make sure you are plugging in the right port of your laptop which is compatible with your USB mouse port. You can check other USB devices such as flash drive, mobile charger etc. and found whether it is detected when plugged into the USB port.

Another Method To Fix USB Mouse Not Recognized Error

5. There is an area where settings might be wrong which enforces your USB port not to work properly. Open ‘Device Manager’, go to ‘Universal serial bus controller’ open this and go to ‘USB root hub’, double click on it.

When the window opens, click on the ‘Power Management’ tab, if the box ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ is checked, uncheck it. Make sure you have to look at all ‘USB root hubs’ under ‘universal serial bus controller’.
6. Go to control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Make sure ‘Human Interface Device Access’ service is not disabled.
You should check all the above given methods to find which one fixed your problem. I hope it helps. Still if you have any not fixed your problem, then please comment below about ‘How to fix USB mouse not recognized’.

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