[How to] Download Facebook Photos or albums in zip or pdf – Easy Tool

Facebook is the great platform to share personal pictures, family pictures, party or events pictures, or any funny or knowledgeable pictures with your friends or family members. Over time, there has been a big collection of photos, its very complex task to download each and every pictures one by one, by right clicking “Save Image As..”. The basic drawback of this hassles process is that the downloaded image losses its original quality even though we don’t consider it.pickandzip-facebook-photos-zip-download
So what will be the easiest way to download all photos from Facebook in just few clicks without losing the original quality of the photo? 
Here is the easiest solution of this problem, follow some simple steps and download all your Facebook Photos or albums to your local computer in just few clicks –
1. Open the link PicknZip,
2. At the top of the website PicknZip, you will find a “Login with Facebook” Button, Just click on it and get logging into your PicknZip Account without entering a single entry to register yourself at PicknZip,Download Facebook Pictures in zip file - PicknZip
3. After Login into PicknZip through Facebook, you will find a complete List of your Facebook friends in left sidebar, just click on the name of your friend or select all, it will allows you to download all the pics you have selected or the entire albums in a zip or pdf file.
4. Grab your zip file.
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