How To Delete Spam Emails Automatically in Gmail

How To Delete Spam Gmail Emails Automatically- Gmail is the free, fast, secure and reliable Email system using by million of active users across the world. The most annoying and risky thing is the Spam emails. Since Spamming emails contains viruses, malwares and harmful scripts which can destroy your operating system files or important documents and softwares stored in your hard disk. Mostly we don’t read such mails and to prevent any harm, we can delete or ignore such spam emails without open them but here I’m sharing the Gmail Trick which will delete all the spams emails automatically.

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Gmail Tips and Tricks

Step by Step tutorial to setup the Gmail for Automatically delete the Spam Emails-

1. First Login to your Gmail Account and Go to ‘Settings‘ (at the right top corner/see below screenshot)Gmail Settings Page To Block Spam Emails
2. Go to Settings -> Filters -> Create A New FilterGmail Filters Settings To Delete Spam Emails Automatically
3. Now You’ve to enter ‘in:spam’ in the field ‘Has the words‘ and then click on ‘create filter with this search‘ then click on OK.Create A New Filter To Delete Gmail Spam Emails AutomaticallyNew Gmail Filter To Delete Spam Emails Automatically4. Tick on two check boxes ‘Delete It‘ and ‘Also apply filter to 0 matching conversations‘ and then click on ‘Create Filter‘ button.How to delete Gmail Spam Emails automatically5. Done.
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