How to delete Facebook Account Permanently in Just One Click

Behind every big scene, there are some little questions just like How to delete my Facebook account Permanently?Facebook-logo
Its very common questions among Facebook users. Here we give a simple way which is provided by Facebook but most of the Facebook users don’t know about this. There is no direct link where you can find to delete your account permanently but you can deactivate your Facebook account.

Deactivate Facebook Account :

To deactivate the Facebook Account follow the given steps –
1. Login to your Facebook Account.
2. At Right Top Corner you will find a arrow to open account settings, follow the following screenshot-
3. Account Settings -> Security-> Security settings-> Deactivate Your Account
4. In this Step, Facebook will ask some reason that why you want to deactivate your account.
Remember – After deactivating your Facebook account – your profile, name, pictures or anything else you have shared on Facebook will disable from Facebook.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently :

To Delete Your Facebook account permanently, follow the given below steps-
(Before deleting your Facebook account, be completely sure about that because once you delete your account from Facebook, you won’t be able to reactivate the account or retrieve any content like pictures, status, notes or anything you have posted or shared or added on Facebook.)
(You will see the following screen after click on the above link)
2. Enter the password and the security check code in the given box and finally click on Okay Button to Delete Facebook Account Permanently.
(The story not ends here, Facebook is so smart, it doesn’t want to lose our esteemed user. You have a chance to reactivate your deleted account within next 14 days after deletion. Just logging into the account within 14 days and can change your decision)
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