How To Delete all tweets in one click from your Twitter Account – Twitwipe

When the number of tweets in our twitter account becomes huge, in many cases we have to move our twitter account to another person to manage then that time the situation arises when we need to delete all the past tweets from the twitter account. Today many great tools are available for auto tweets, scheduled tweets, and random tweets to drive more traffic through twitter, in such cases the number of tweets increases very rapidly and it’s very difficult to manage them. So I recommend to delete all the past tweets from the twitter account which are useless.Twitwipe-Delete All Tweets at once

Sometimes, To delete each tweet manually is a time consuming process or it’s a time wasting. So why you’re going to waste your valuable time when a great and free tool is available to delete all the tweets from your twitter account in just few clicks. If you’re a celebrity or you’ve some tweets which you don’t want to delete and keep them as records then i never recommend you to delete all the tweets as they will never recover back.
TwitWipe is a free online tool to wipe or delete all your tweets from your twitter account. TwitWipe is the best way to delete all the past tweets in your twitter account within few clicks. First of all you need to be authenticate through twitter with your twitter username and password. After the successful authentication you’ll a screen showing in the following screenshot, click on ‘start Wiping’ to clean your twitter account (delete all  tweets at one go!).TwitWipe - Delete all tweets in one go from Twitter
Share your experience with Twitwipe with us. Is it a good tool to delete all the tweets at once.

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