How To Delete A Facebook Fan Page Permanently – 3 Simple Steps

I know it is very simple task to delete a Facebook fan page and there is no need to create a tutorial for the same, but sometimes it may be helpful for few beginners who have little knowledge of Facebook.Facebook logo
Sometimes, we created Facebook fan page by mistake or a page for a firm/company/business which has no longer relationship with us or may be any other reason. Finally, when we need to delete it, we searched our profile account settings, security settings etc. but no solution available there because Facebook page can be deleted only by that person who has full admin rights (in case of multiple admins) or by the creator of the page.
Follow few simple steps-
1. Login into your Facebook account and go to that facebook fan page which you want to delete. Remember, you must be Admin of the page with complete rights then click on the ‘Edit Page’ -> ‘Manage Permissions’ option  appeared at the Top right corner as shown in following screenshot-How To Delete Facebook Fan Page Permanently - Screenshot1 2. Under the Manage Permissions section, at last ‘Delete Page’ option is present, click on the link to delete Facebook fan page permanently (follow the below screenshot)-How To Delete Facebook Fan Page Permanently - Screenshot2 3. Finally, it asks you for confirmation of deletion of the page permanently, click on delete button. This will be deleted the fan page permanently (Keep sure, it will never back)-How To Delete Facebook Fan Page Permanently - Screenshot3I hope, you’ll find this small and simple article useful. If still you’ve any query or suggestion, please comment below-

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