How To Connect Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools – SEO Tips

Google provides various big tools to improve SEO of a website or blog. Among these tools, Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics are the two important online tools to check and review the performance of a website in search ranking including keyword analysis, keyword ranking, search queries, crawler performance, regional traffic, social and organic traffic measure, SERP measures etc.
Why you’re wasting your valuable time to check the stats and data in Analytics and webmaster tools separately?
There is no need to check both the Google SEO tools separately when we can associate and merge the webmaster tools data to Analytics data to collect all the SEO data at one place and improve our skills to measure the overall performance of our blog/website in search results.Google Webmaster Tools
Just follow the below mentioned steps with screenshots to connect Google Analytics with Google Webmaster Tools
1. Go to ‘Standard Reporting’ -> ‘Traffic Sources’ -> ‘Search Engine Optimization’ -> ‘Queries’
2. It requires to connect your analytics profile to webmaster tools, you’ll see a button to connect them – just click on this button (setup webmaster tools data sharing)-setup webmaster tools for data sharing in google analytics
3. Now you can edit the basic property settings and at the bottom ‘Webmaster tools settings’ option is available – Just click on the ‘edit’ link to associate a webmaster profile-Associate webmaster tools with Google Analytics
4. When you click on edit link, it will open a new window having a list of all the webmaster profiles for various websites to choose one from. Just follow all the below screenshots step by step-
Enable webmaster tools data in Google Analytics
Google webmaster tools and Analytics association
webmaster tools profile associated with Google Analytics to share search data
It’s Done.

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