How To Choose A Best Domain Name For A Blog or Website – Effective Tips (Must Read)

The choice of a good Domain Name is the first step to start any business or personal blog/website. It is highly recommended to choose a name which is completely related or matches with your blog’s niche. The best suggestion is that to choose a multi-meaning name so that you can deal different things through the same domain name.
Read the below simple and effective tips before registering a domain-
1. First impression is last impression-
The very well known quote “First impression is last impression” is best suited for our Domain Names because blog or website’s name tells the visitor what the blog is all about? If the reader likes your domain name then he/she definitely follow your blog through social media.
If someone searched Google for ‘How to make money online’ and our blog name is ‘’ then it helps to bring the visitor to your site with the hope that he will get what he searched for?

How To Choose A Best Domain Name
How To Choose A Best Domain Name
2. Simple, Professional & Easy to remember-
The blog/website name must be as simple as possible and also easy to remember. That’s why i suggest you to use some prefix or suffix to make it more professional and small. You should add few prefix or suffix in the main keyword (Prefix – e, pro, today, my, im, the etc) and (Suffix – plus, times, today, cage, 24, buzz etc). It is upto you how far you can think of?
3. Think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-
All we know Meta tags (title, description, robot, keyword meta tags etc) plays important role in SEO. But first of all, Domain name is the major one in the eyes of Search engines. If your domain containing one or two keywords in its name itself then you’ll definitely get benefit of this. Lets take few examples:
Keyword – ‘How To’ and ‘’, keyword – Money Making  and ‘’ etc.
4. Domain is not available. Already Registered!-
It is very difficult to get a suitable or desired domain name very easily. In this Internet era, all the main keywords and brand names are already registered but still the challenge is to register a professional & desired domain, then what should we do? You can also use some ‘Domain Name Suggestion tools’ such as Domain tools,, NameTumbler etc. There are various world class registrars like Godaddy, NameCheap etc. You should purchase domains from them, also they provides various coupon or promo codes of 1$, 2$, 4.95$ etc.
I’m sure you got everything what i wanna to said? Mostly, best domain names born in our minds from the daily life, so always think off about and note down them in textbook whenever they arises in the mind and later check their availability. I wish you’ll get your desired name easily after reading the complete article and I hope you liked my article and it’ll definitely help you.
For any suggestions or queries, your comments are always welcome-
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  1. Hi Yogendra, prefixes and suffices is the most effective method. But what I would do when choosing a domain name is to come up with my own name.

    Thank you – Ferb

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