How To Change Facebook Color or Background Image? Customizing Facebook

Getting bored with the same color every time when Login Facebook account. If you’re using Google Chrome web browser then it is very easy to change Facebook color and can easily customize the look and feel of the entire facebook.
There are many facebook tricks like how to post blank facebook status etc. Now, I am going to share some useful and easy Google chrome extension which are easy to install and able to change facebook color, background image and Facebook login background.

Facebook Tips and Tricks
Facebook Tips and Tricks

Keep remember, the use of such chrome extensions doesn’t harm your computer or Facebook privacy, they’re used only for customize the color or background of Facebook using some additional styles sheets.

Facebook Chrome Extensions To Customize Background Image or Color

Tired of boring Facebook in blue? Choose your own color for your profile! It is very easy to install from Chrome Extensions Settings and very easy to remove or uninstall if you don’t like them. You can download free browser extensions from Google chrome web store and then install them in a single click which will added at the right top of the browser.
Check out the following amazing list of facebook chrome extensions to make your facebook account’s look and feel much better than ever.
1. Facebook Color Changer
2. Facebook Background Changer
3. Facebook Login Background Image Changer– FB Refresh (Refresh your Facebook login with your own custom design)

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