How To Add humans.txt file to wordpress blog – Advanced SEO Tips

Every publisher very well known robots.txt file to customize the Search engine visibility. Like robots.txt, a new text file is introduced to make your website or blog more familiar on the perspective of Search Engines say Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Humans.txt is a simple text file added to the root directory same as Robots.txt file to tell Search Engines bots more about you or the team members working on the blog or website. This Humans.txt text file really helps a lot to give credit to people behind your website and also improves the ranking of the site. Every blogger or website publisher uses robots.txt file to customize the search functionality but very few publishers knows about Humans.txt file. Like Search Engine Bot crawls the website, the same as Humans.txt file gives a human touch to your website and Search engines.
If you have a website (not wordpress blog) then create this text file manually by follow the instructions given on their official site or if you have a blog (especially WordPress) then you can use a variety of plugins to create and customize this file. There are two good plugins to add humans.txt file to wordpress blog – Humans TXT (compatible upto the latest version of WordPress 3.3.1) and Humans Dot Txt (It’s also compatible up to WordPress 3.3.1). I recommend to use Humans TXT plugins as it was downloaded more times, also having good user ratings and latest updated before few months.
After install and activating this plugin, you can easily edit it directly within the admin panel. Have a look at the following screenshot taken from the admin panel of the plugin Humans TXT-
humans.txt file admin panel screenshot

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