How To Access/Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts – Gmail New feature

It is very harassing to manage Multiple Gmail Accounts by logged In to each account separately. Do you have multiple working Gmail accounts? It is very tedious to sign out from one account and sign in to another repeatedly or using different browsers for different accounts.Gmail Logo
 However, why we sign in every time when Gmail itself gives a facility to manage multiple Gmail account within a single account. You have to just follow the below simple steps (screenshot) to access multiple accounts simultaneously-
1. First Login into your Primary Gmail Account (Mostly Used)
2. Look at right top corner, click on the username it will open a small frame as shown below-How To Login Multiple Gmail Accounts 3. Click on the ‘Add Account’ Button which will open a new window to authorize your Gmail username and password of the account which you want to add-How To Login Multiple Gmail Account - Screenshot 4. Done ! Now you’re able to switch multiple Gmail accounts. Click on the Username to access that account. Enjoy.
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