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On 18 October, 2012 Google has just announced its another computer device named ‘Google Chromebook’ which is in actual manufactured by world’s renowned tech company Samsung, so it is also called ‘Samsung Chromebook’. Chromebook is very light, easy to use and fast computer with amazing functionality and great features which makes it different from other devices. ‘Samsung Chromebook’ is powered by Google or can say it is a Google’s product so definitely it has a lot of great features including search, Gmail, Google+ Hangouts, YouTube and other special Google products support.Google Samsung Chromebook 550

Check out the brief list of Google Chromebook Features and Specifications and learn how it is different and amazing from other computers-

Full Specifications of Google Chromebook

Operating System- Google Chrome OS
Screen Size/Display- 11.6 inch Display (1366×768 resolution)
Thickness – 0.8 inches thick
Weight– 2.4 Pounds
Processor– Samsung Exynos 5250 processor
Battery Life- More than 6.5 Hours
Wi-Fi- Dual band Wi-Fi
External Ports– Single USB 2.0 port, Single USB 3.0 port,  A Combo headphone/mic jack, Secure digital memory slot  and an HDMI Port.

Amazing Features of Google Chromebook

Free Cloud Space- 100 GB Google Drive Space Free for 2 Years,
Fast Bootable Speed- It takes only few seconds to boot (under 10 Seconds),
Google+ Hangouts – Free video calling with upto 9 People,
Simple & Easy Sharing- One can share photos, videos, media files and other files very easily,
Offline Supports- The device is using own Chrome web browser and own Chrome Operating System (Cloud Based) then definitely it supports offline Apps like Offline Gmail, Google Docs, Calender, Scratchpad, Google Play, Google Drive etc.
Automatic Updates- No need to install any other external Softwares or plugins for additional security. Chromebook has automatic updates features who keeps the Chrome operating system up-to-date.
Security– There is no need to use any other external software to protect the computer. It has in-built security plugins with multiple layers of security to keep the computer safe from Virus or Malwares. Google Drive keeps data and files backup online, securely and safely even the Chromebook’s data crashes accidentally.

Online Store Price

There are two model of Samsung Chromebook-
1. Samsung Chromebook ($ 249)
2. Samsung Chromebook 550 ($ 449)
Remember– The above mentioned specifications are differ for different versions.
But there is no doubt for Price, both are under budget gadgets. Also, Google launched both the model for United States and United Kingdom Retailers including  Amazon, BestBuy, TigerDirect and newEgg. You can also buy this product from your local best price store- Find Local StoreSamsung Chromebook Online Retailers

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