RIP: Most Popular Google RSS Reader Shutting Soon | Google Confirmed

One of the best and most popular RSS reader – Google RSS Reader will be shutting down on 1 July, 2013, confirmed by Google on Wednesday. Obviously, the closing of this service will make big impact on a number of other child services and api’s but the main goal of the search giant Google is to start new services to focus on features of most need.
If you’re the one who have a big data (subscribers) within your Google Reader, then you can export all those data using Google Takeout services or OPML Export Service before it will be closed.

Impact of Death of Google RSS Reader on Third Party Apps-

In the recent years, the usefulness of Traditional RSS feed readers has decreased after introducing latest Twitter feed, Flipboard (a social magazine which is available for iPad, iPhone & Android.) etc.Google RSS Feed Reader Shutting Down

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The death of Google reader spells a number of problems in the functioning of other third party apps including FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, Reeder, Pulp etc. which are depending on the information provided by Goggle Reader (subscriptions, sync information). In the few past years, Google introduces new big services like Google Drive, Google Plus, Google Chrome etc. to give the best user experience in this competitive world. Anyway, it’s a big challenge to all app developers who have to move to the alternatives of Google Reader to make their apps productive and full functioning.
Let us tell what you think about the death of Google RSS Reader and share your ideas about its alternatives in the following comment box.

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