Confirmed: Google Panda Data Refresh Update 2013 Affects Low Quality Websites

This is not a new issue when Google is talking about High quality websites. Every webmaster knows very well that Google Panda is enough to turn off the low quality websites in search engine ranking page (SERP).
Google Panda Update

on 22 January, 2013, Google again made a algorithmic change/refresh in Google Panda Algorithm which affects 1.2% of English queries.Below is the real tweet or official confirmation of Google about this data update/refresh-

If you’re running a blog or website with unique and regular updated fresh content without doing any bad/black SEO like Keyword stuffing, spammers, fake traffic through any software/script etc. then you should not be worry about this panda update, it will surely help to make a good SERP or SEO (search engine optimization) for your website.

This Panda Data Update 2013 affects the ranking of low quality sites in the search results or sometimes it may completely drops the organic traffic of such poor sites so be aware and do the blogging under the google webmaster guidelines.
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If I’m talking about my blogs then i say only Thank You Google because after this panda update, the organic traffic to all of my blogs including increases and works like a charm. So I’m happy with this data refresh. What about your blogs/websites – Organic Traffic Increases or Drop? Please comment below to say about your traffic-

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    1. When a blog is affected by Panda Update then it’s traffic gradually dropped or sometimes increases depending on the quality of the blog. I hope you’ve in favor of this algo change.

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