Google Pagerank PR Update December 2013 – Multiple PR Checker Tool

Finally, All the bloggers got what they want and looking for? Google has updated its algorithm for Pagerank PR in the first week of December 2013 (It’s 6 Dec. Today) after a long wait of 10 months. In 2013, the First Pagerank was updated on 4 February, 2013 and then only wait are there. As per the schedule followed by the years, it was to be updated in May-June 2013 then Oct-Nov 2013 but finally Google gave this gift today to all the bloggers looking for the update.
Guys, I am running more than 6 sites and all are active, few are old and few are just registered and started since few month. But I got better results for all. Below is the screenshot of my site’s Pagerank.

Google Pagerank PR MultiPageRank Checker Tool
My Site’s Pagerank

How To Check Multiple Pagerank PR At Once?

No worry. I’ve something for you. If you have multiple blogs or websites and want to check all of them together then i have a very easy multiple PR checker tool which will accept total 8 websites at a time and within a click, shows the exact and accurate pagerank. Many bloggers uses which requires captcha and total 3 steps to show one site’s pagerank, but i don’t like that tool, that’s why I’m sharing this tool for your relax.

Multiple Pagerank PR Checker Tool

Google Next PR Update Dates are not confirmed yet. Obviously, we now can’t guess when the Next PR will come. Just work hard and follow the tips required to get high PR quickly.

Please bloggers, comment your blog’s pagerank to share with other newbies. I’ll be happy to

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