Google overtakes Microsoft In Market Cap – Apple Still World’s Richest Tech Company

The Internet Giant Google overtakes software Giant Microsoft for the first time and became world’s second richest and highest tech Company with market cap $249.9 Billion. Even Apple still in the lead at First position but Google is growing continuously and may beat Apple in the near future but needs to work very hard. Google overtakes Microsoft in the market value and reached at Second position with current market value of $249.1 billion while Apple is still world’s richest tech company with the market cap $618.1 Billion (according to recent reports).Microsoft Apple Google Comparison
On Monday, at the end of the stock market, Google Shares hiked by 1% to $761.78 while Microsoft Shares down by less than 1% to $29.49. After this rise and fall in shares of both companies, Google hits market capitalization to $249.9 Billion and Microsoft fall down in its market value with $247.2 Billion.
Apple’s iPad and iPhone had already beaten Microsoft in 2010. The success of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod make its value just triple compared to other two companies.
Here is the chart comparing the rise and fall in market cap of three companies Apple, Google and Microsoft in the year 2012-Apple Microsoft Google Market Value Comparison 2012Pic credit- DailyMail & Skattertech

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