Google developing Third Party Commenting Platform Like Facebook – Reports

As we know Facebook commenting platform is much popular among web developers and publishers, many popular websites using this platform to provide flexibility to the users as most of the visitors are already logged in with Facebook, so it makes fast and easiest way to make comment on any post or article. But when we talk about Google, no words to say how amazes their products and services, such as Google’s free blogging platform ‘Blogger‘. As per the reports, Google prepares the mind to develop a Third Party Commenting Platformjust like or may be better than Facebook Commenting System. The Google’s commenting platform will be more attractive than other commenting platforms like Facebook, Disqus, Livefyre and Intense Debate. Also, the commenting system will be deeply integrated with other Google products that will be beneficial for SEO purposes as the comments left on third-party websites will appears on Google Search results and also on Google Social Networking platform Google+. google-vs-facebook-third-party-commenting-platform
Allegedly, earlier this week, the discussion about the Google Commenting System for Third Party Websites were managed in an Google event at Saudi Arabia and later it was confirmed by TheNextWeb (Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook). A source close to the product’s development confirmed with The Next Web but the reports are not official confirmed by Google. Most of the publishers have their much interest in Google’s products even they are already using others services, let’s say Facebook Commenting Platform.

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