Google Chrome hacked by a student for $60,000 prize – Pwn2Own contest 2012

The world’s widely used web browser Google Chrome has been cracked by a Russia University Student named Sergey Glazunov on the very first day of open competition by Google, the student was awarded by $60,000 cash prize to exploit the Google Chrome Security as part of the 1$ Million Pwn2Own contest 2012 at CanSecWest. Google is going to pay this large amount of money to Sergey, I’m sure the Google Chrome community is happy about this. Along with Sergey, a team of VUPEN security also managed to hack the google chrome within the 5 minutes of the competition. It seems that a large money prizes attracts the real talent around the world.
Google is organizing a world level sixth Pwn2Own open contest of about total $1 million prizes for those hackers who are able to find any bug or vulnerabilities in the Google products like Chrome to make them more secure and efficient. Google takes help of potential hacker around the world to give better services and products to end users.
Now the Pwn2Own Contest 2012 has started at CanSecWest and on the very first day of contest a Russia University Student and their security team hacked Google Chrome in just 5 minutes. This is the first time when a world level Web browser is hacked, Chrome was never hacked before Pwn2Own contest. The Chrome security team didn’t disclose the exploit but as per reports it might be an Abobe Flash Plugin which comes pre installed with Google Chrome web browser.
 Google Chrome hacked by student Pwn2Own contest 2012

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