Google Analytics: ‘Content Experiment’ Feature for Content Testing & Optimizing

Google Analytics introduces a new important feature to its Analytics Content Manager. You will found this new feature under the ‘Content‘ section of ‘Standard Reporting’ as seen in the following screenshot-Google Analytics Content Experiment new feature screenshot
This new feature introduced by Google Analytics would be helpful to webmasters to improve the overall performance of the website. Content Experiment is very helpful to compare the various sections of a website. Google Analytics Team posted a video on YouTube on 1 June 2012, to explains the use of content testing using ‘Experiment’ feature. Google Analytics team is very excited to integrate this cool feature in the Content section. How to use this Experiment feature in Google Analytics is explained clearly in the following video. Google Analytics Logo The ‘Content Experiment’ feature helps to improve the quality of measuring, content testing and optimizing the content all at one place. This experiment feature will be helpful to identify the which part of website design, layout and content are more effective. Check out the following video to learn how to use this new feature ‘Experiment’ introduced by Google Analytics – Official Video to explain Content Experiment Feature within Google Analytics –

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