Google Adsense EFT India – EFT Payments For Indian Adsense Publishers?

This may be good news for all thousands of Indian adsense publishers, if Google Adsense would starts the Electronic Funds Transfer EFT Payments service for the publishers in India. There is no official announcement yet, but according to a thread on Google product forum justifies that there will be major chances for EFT payments which may starts by the end of the year – Dec 2013.Google

Adsense’s authorize representative with username ‘Adsense Pro Payments’ replied to a question asked by a user ‘Om Software’, you can read it below, what he said in his reply-

@Mishrakolkata: I’m certainly hoping that we’ll be able to start making this option available before the end of the year. We’re very eager to get electronic payments available in India, and we’re working to make this available as quickly as possible.

Further added:

We actually just sent our first test payment for this process yesterday in order to verify our banking integrations. We have a few other prerequisites to implement in our payments system which will take some additional time before it’s ready, but be assured that we’re indeed actively working on it.”
After reading the whole thread, it is much clear that Google Adsense team is working and testing the EFT payments for India based publishers and very soon this direct bank transfer service would be available.

You can read the whole thread – Google Product Forum Adsense Thread

What is EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)?

Basically, the name already said the meaning of the term EFT. This is the electronic service which will transfers the funds directly to the bank accounts and it is secure, very fast, environment friendly service and also recommended by Google Adsense.

Google Adsense EFT Payments Service Supported Countries:

Right now, Google is offering this direct bank transfer service known as EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) for the countries given in the following list. Click and read the whole list of supported countries who have served their monthly adsense earnings directly to their bank accounts via EFT.
EFT Payments Supported Countires
For More Info Read it here.
I hope very soon, this list will added our country ‘India‘ to their EFT supported counties list. Just waiting!
I’m also from India, and very happy to hear this great news. I am Indian adsense publisher since last 2.5 years and have great experience with this advertising network. I received my adsense checks via courier service ‘Bluedart‘ which took almost 2-3 weeks after the payment release from Google.
Thanks to @noobdeveloper at Twitter, who leaks this great news on his twitter and I got this news on my Facebook wall shared by Arun Prabhudesai ( If any doubt or suggestion, then please comment, I’ll reply back.

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