Gmail for iPhone & iPad – Download Free Gmail App Version 2.0

This is the very good news for all iPhone or iPad users who uses Gmail on their devices, that Google has officially introduced a new latest version of Gmail for iOS users. The Product Manager, Matthew Izatt posted on Gmail official blog about the launch of this new updated free version.
It’s time to move on the latest version of Gmail app with lots of new features, design, easier and more faster experience.
There are a number of new features introducing in this redesigned app with great look and feel and a lots of improvements in official Gmail app for iOS.Gmail iOS Apps on Apple Store

What’s new in Gmail App Version 2.0 for iPhone & iPad

Infinite scrolling in message lists,
Profile picture in messages,
New animations and transitional sleeky and cleaner look,
Auto-Complete Features
Introduces Auto-complete feature (suggest keyword when you type) in Search to save your precious time,
Google+ Direct Connection
You can make comment and +1 on Google+ posts directly within the post,
You can respond to various invites through Google calender,
Multiple Account Support
This is the features for which you’re waiting from a long time. Yes, now you can Sign In to upto 5 Gmail accounts and can switch to another account with few taps.

How To Download & Install the app

You’ve to download & Install iTunes first for Mac and PC users to download any iOS app from Apple store.

Free Download the Gmail App Version 2.0 from Apple App Store

Check out the few screenshots of the app-

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