Free download Opera Mini 7.0 Mobile Browser for Android (.apk file)

Opera Mini is the world’s fastest mobile web browser used by more than 160 millions of users around the world. Opera Mini is continuously updates their features and versions and now Opera Mini launched the latest version 7.0 which is compatible for Android Platform (.apk file). The most important fact about Opera Mini mobile web browser is their Price – It’s absolutely Free. If you are using a smartphone or iPhone having Android platform then you can go for this latest version of fast and secure world’s fastest Android Mobile web browser – Opera Mini 7.0. The main feature of Opera Mini is the Speed – Opera’s speed makes it more efficient and reliable than other mobile web browsers. You can surf the web on mobile as easily as on your desktop computers.
The minimum requirement to install Opera Mini 7.0 is Android 1.5 and higher version. Opera Mini 7.0 web browser comes with many advanced features like OpenGLES hardware acceleration, Exit Button, Advanced Tab Management, Speed dial start Page, Beam support and better optimization for dual-core and quad-core devices.Opera-Mini-7.0-Web-browser-for-Android-Platform
The main targeted features of Opera Mini 7.0 is to reduce the page loading time to make the surfing as fast as possible. The Opera Mini 7.0 web browser facilitates compression feature which reduces the the web page size upto 90%, results it consumes very less data usage and memory of the phone.
What are you thinking now – Just go for download Opera Mini 7.0 Fastest Web Browser directly from Google Play Store at absolutely Free for Android OS. Follow the below mentioned link to grab the Free and Fastest mobile web browser for your Android OS based mobile –
Screenshots of Opera Mini 7.0 Browser on Android OS :
Image Credits- Google Play Store

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