Facebook Launches Internet IPO on May 18 for 28 $ to 35$ Per Share

Facebook who turns from Social Networking Website to Business and cultural Base within 8 years of short Journey. Mark Zukerberg – Founder of Facebook, is now ready to launch the public offering of Stock within few couple of weeks, it may expected to be on 17 May and public trading debut on 18 May, 2012. The Facebook’s IPO would be the biggest IPO in the history of Internet companies. Facebook disclosed the price range of a share in the upcoming IPO, the range per share varies from 28$ to 35$.facebook internet ipo launch may 18
Image Credit – CBSNEWS
The current record holder of Internet IPO is Google Inc. who launched their Internet IPO of value 1.9 Billion USD in 2004 which is very less than the Facebook’s Internet IPO of value near about 13.58 Billion USD. But now the internet company Google Inc. is now worth about 200 Billion USD as whole while the internet IPO valued the Facebook Company at only 23 Billion USD while Facebook values the Company at 76 Billion USD to 95 Billion USD as per the expectation from the shareholders.
Mark Zukerberg, Founder and Chief Executive of Facebook, selling 30.2 Million shares (1.05$ Billion) while other shareholders of Facebook selling 157,415,352 shares (5.5$ Billion). This time, Facebook is the only social networking website who has more than 900 Million users, this upcoming Internet IPO is highly anticipated as Facebook is the world’s largest and popular social networking site. Mark Zukerberg founded Facebook in the year 2004 and came to the list of world’s youngest billionaire at the age of 25 only, now Mark turns 28 this month when he launching the US’s largest-ever Internet IPO. Mark says in a video – “We think people’s lives will be better and really that the whole world will function better when there is more information and understanding out there,”facebook internet ipo launch may 18 compare with other internet companiesImage Credit – TechCrunch
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