Facebook Is Talking In Billions – 600 Million Mobile Users (Infographics)

The world’s biggest social networking website Facebook is now talking in Billions, whether it is revenue, monthly active users, mobile users, Friend connections, Songs played, Number of uploaded photos etc. Facebook marketing agency KRDS prepared an Infographics to explain each term more precisely.Facebook logo
The Infographics says-
1. 44% of Internet users are Facebook users,
2. 600 Million Mobile Users,
3. Top 5 Countries – U.S.A, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mexico,
4. 140.3 Billion Friend Connections,
5. 219 Billions Photos uploaded,
6. 62.6 Million Songs Played (22 Million Times),
7. 17 Billion Location-Tagged posts including check-ins &
8. Average Age of users is 22.
Mark Zukerberg follows a medical fact “the health of a living brain is measured not in neurons, but in how many connections those neurons have made” to connect more and more people across the world on a single platform.
Below is the Facebook Infographics showing all the Billion terms in graphical way-Facebook Infographic - World Biggest Social Networking WebsiteSource- Facebook Newsroom

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