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There are a lot of mobile apps for mobile Facebook chat but very few applications for Desktop. Now Facebook is officially released Desktop Messenger for Facebook Chat. This Desktop Messenger is coming with lot of features to make chatting more easy, you don’t need to logging into your Facebook account in the browser, Facebook Desktop Messenger is just like other Desktop chatting applications such as Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc. Its not limited to chatting only, you can check the latest updates from your friends in ticker, get notifications about the recent activities, chat and message to your friends, without being on Check out the given screenshot to cover all the basic features of Facebook Messenger for Desktop-
photo credit – Facebook
Something is missing? This Facebook Messenger is now released only for Windows OS, especially for Windows 7. The Facebook team is working for new version for Windows Vista. Keep remember, if you are using Windows XP then this app is useless for you because this Facebook Messenger is not supported Windows XP Versions. There is no worry about the updates, once you installed it, Facebook automatically updates its version if available.
Have a look at features of Facebook Desktop Messenger for Windows –
1. You can send messages to your friends on Facebook.
2. Fast and easy facebook chatting.
3. Get recent updates from your friends in the ticker.
4. Get quick notifications about the recent activities of your friends.
5. Fast, secure and simple login and logout at your system tray.
6. Exit and Logout features, Exit remains you logged in while Logout will getting you out from Facebook.
7. Minimize and collapse facility within the messenger.
8. The Facebook Desktop Messenger app can dock and undock as per need.
9. The same privacy works in messenger as you already set in the Facebook account.
10. Easy to uninstall from control panel of your desktop computer.
Remember – You can’t do group chat or video chat within this version of Facebook Desktop Messenger. In future, Facebook may bring these features.
Enjoy Facebook Desktop Messenger – Install Messenger
Direct download Facebook Desktop Messenger – Download Messenger
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