Basics of HP Certification Exams

If you’ve never taken an HP certification exam, then you’ll want to know what to expect before registering for or completing your test. Exams are offered in several ways, including proctored exams that are conducted at HP authorized testing centers as well as online exams that can be completed remotely. HP even offers some certification exams at trade shows and other promotional or educational venues.
HP certification exams run the gamut as far as their format and structure are concerned. Exam questions may be any combination of written or activity-based formats. Multiple choice questions are the most prevalent type that appear on HP certification exams, but the skills, abilities and knowledge being measured by the exam is what determines the exam question formats and subjects that appear on each test. This is why some exams will require you to complete virtual labs or other kinds of “hands on” activities.HP Logo
To know precisely what to expect from the HP certification exam you intend to take, you must review the exam guide for your test. The guide can be accessed on the HP website and will give you information about the subject matter that will appear on the exam, as well as the number of questions and the various sections the test is broken into.Also included in the exam guide for your HP certification exam is recommended training, experience and exam preparation activities, including any prerequisites, if applicable. In preparing for your exam, you’ll want to ensure you dedicate ample time to your studies and that you utilize all the resources at your disposal, including gaining hands on experience with the technologies the exam covers as well as using online exam preparation services, which offer practice tests.

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