Anonymous Hackers Attack on Godaddy Servers – Millions of Websites are down

World’s top domain registrar Godaddy is the new victim of Anonymous hackers group. It is very hard to believe that world class registrar can hacked but it’s the truth. From last 12 hours (approx), Millions of customers are facing huge problem with their websites, emails, DNS services etc. everything linked up with their servers. Is yours safe? I am also the customer of Godaddy but fortunately i am safe and my all websites are running properly.Godaddy Domain Registrar
Due to the customers calls and support overload, their support service is also not working. Godaddy confirmed about the server downtime on Twitter-

The main question is that who is the man behind this attack? After few hours, One of the member of Anonymous hacker group (AnonymousUs3r) tweeted and claimed that they are behind this Godaddy attack and took responsibility of the same-

More than 12 hours has passed, but still there is no official confirmation that how much more time they would take to restore their servers and services back.
In the early morning, Godaddy confirmed that most of the websites are back online and they’re working for others and control centers. Also, they said that there is no compromise with Customer Data. So, if you’re thinking about your personal data safe or not then don’t worry.

If you’re one of the Godaddy customers who have faced the same problem for your websites or blogs, Keep patience or migrate to another alternative like Hostgator, Bluehost, Namecheap etc.

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